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Welcome to Weave

a new type of social experience

Weave offers an unparalleled social experience.

From the moment you apply, Weavelings will surround you with encouragement, enthusiasm and experience.

Get with an activity group and make some memories happen as you adventure into the great landscape of New Eden.

Communication is the keystone of any good relationship.

In Weave, we communicate via many different methods, but we do our best to tie them all together.

When you join Weave, you can be talking in Discord, both in voice and in text channels, chatting about anything from the latest Eve news to sharing pictures of our pets.

In-game there is the corp channel, and various activity channels where you can get quick and reliable answers to your questions. When you're in-game, be in-game with us. When you're not, we're your family in Discord.

Weave has players from all around the world. Don't just play together, get together!

Organize and meet up with your fellow corpmates and friends and indulge in some of life's greatest pleasures off the internet: good talk, laughter and beer.

Once you're in Weave, you'll find it's more more than an Eve corporation; it's a lifestyle.

Eve is more than a game: it's a lifestyle.

As humans are engineered to seek out contact and interaction with others, spending hours in Weave with your fellow players is bound to create some lasting relationships.

Whether those new friends are across oceans or in your own backyard, be confident in knowing that you will always have a friend available, online or offline.

Itching to command? Gifted with leadership?

Offer your talents to others by taking fellow Weavelings on an op! Whether you take them on an exciting PVP roam through lowsec, braving the entrenched forces, or amassing a fleet of frigates to attempt some of the most difficult nullsec exploration combat sites, your skill at leading others is a coveted talent.

In Weave, we take self-motivation and initiative to lead seriously. Not only is it a talent that only few possess, but it is a gift to those who are seeking content and perhaps lack the understanding to start on their own. Join us, and apply to be a Needle today -- excited and fresh faces await!

Whether it's manufacturing your first T3 component or dropping into Abyssal space for the first time; Weave is here to go with you!

Find a friend to take you into Low Sec for PVP. Bring a buddy mining to catch gankers. Pull your pals out to a high rating DED site.

The best way to find what you may love is to try new things with friends!

They say silence is golden.

Sometimes doing nothing can mean you are available for an opportunity to come knocking. And while Weave offers plenty of people to do things with, sometimes there's somebody that wants to do something alone or in a small group.

Allowing yourself to be available to others means you can discover new ways to enjoy Eve and make a friend along the way.

Everybody who plays Eve Online has a story to tell, whether it's about how an epic fight went down or how they made their billions daytrading on the Jita market.

Weave is a home to many players of all kinds of backgrounds and playstyles, and there's always someone who has a story to tell.

Share yours and lighten a Weaver's day with something from your past. Alternatively, get with someone and create a great story to tell down the road.

What better way to experience Eve than to make stories you will remember for years to come?

How far do you want to go into the unknown?

You may want to jump through wormholes and explore the Jove Space, or perhaps crack open the abandoned treasures in archaelogical sites across New Eden.

However you want to discover the secrets of Eve, in Weave you're not alone. Let our experienced explorers give you the tips and tricks to survival.

In Weave, we shoot red crosses solo or as a group.

Join one of the hardcore PVE groups pushing back Forward Operating Bases' emergent AI while working hard as a team simulating real PVP, smashing the Sansha Incursions for laughter and communion together, diving into Abyssal deadspace either solo or as a team, creating a wormhole group to slap Sleepers senseless, or pursuing difficult deadspace content with lucrative loot.

In Weave there will always mountains of inexhaustible and sometimes overlooked content available just for you.

PVP in Eve is everywhere, from blockbuster wars to soloists attacking unwary prey.

In Weave, we aim to offer you a robust PVP platform to launch yourself from. With members of all activity levels and interested in differing types of PVP you're bound to find somebody to fleet up with.

High to null, blops drops to gatecamps, Weave will set up certain destruction in a system near you.

Love to work with numbers? Want to create an empire of items and shuffle them off to people for hard-earned cash? Try your hand at marketing.

With so many players to work for there is plenty of opportunity to get your hands dirty in the market.

Sit in one of New Eden's larger trade hubs and amass wealth without ever lifting a finger, or work with others and corner the market on items for profit and laughs.

Perhaps supplying items to eager Weavelings is more your thing, and moving items is of interest to you. No matter how you cut it, the market plays an important part in the development and growth of Weave.

There is nothing more rewarding than working together to clear up a whole field of lucrative rocks.

In Weave, we break the stereotype that mining is boring - nothing is boring if you're doing it while socialising with some great people.

Join together with friends and burn an entire asteroid belt down into ISK, but have fun while you're doing it!

Inclined towards industry? Want to work together and supply a group with endless content?

Industrialists make up the backbone of Eve Online, and in Weave they're no exception. Build from our towering installations of inspiration, invention and incubation, then have them shipped to the various points of where Weavelings do their thing.

Custom orders are the name of the game in Weave, and we promise you all kinds of indescribable entertainment supplying for the masses.

Everyone starts somewhere.

If we all did it perfect right from the get-go, games wouldn't be much fun, would they? If you're not sure what to do, or how to go about achieving your goals, join a group!

We have many groups pandering to interests of all kinds. Whether it's organized fleet PVP, discussion regarding Project Discovery, how to best fit your Raven or how to haul goods without worry of being blown up we have a group just for you.

Join one or join many! Create one! The possibilities start and end with you.

It's not about ego. It's not about tax money. It's not about more members.

When I created this corporation, I was searching for a place where I could log into Eve and find people to talk with, share experiences with, and most importantly get to know.

In Weave you're not another number. We don't schedule ops, CTAs, have PAPs or anything. If you want to contribute to the corp, you are welcome to. If you want to simply have a low-tax corp to take advantage of, you're welcome to that as well.

You will be talked to. Your opinions will be valued. You will be loved. It is my dream to have a corporation of people that enjoy spending their online time together. Socializing, sharing, learning and experiencing.

We'll build this corp with you into something that I can be proud of. I'm glad you've decided to check out Weave, and I can't wait to meet you!

Siigari Kitawa

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