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Welcome to Weave

come dive with us

It only takes one person to create a path.

In Weave we are the trailblazers of Anoikis. Search for untouched lands bristling with Sleepers and caches of the unknown, fly through war-torn bastions of solidarity and destruction, and experience the unexpected.

Scan, hack and overcome. Fill up your cargohold with glory and shuttle it to be liquidated or crafted into fineries ostentatious. Adventure awaits you on your unrealized path...

Experience: rich Arkonor and Bistot rocks spinning nonchalantly in the solar winds.

Pristine fields of particulate gas stretching hopelessly across the vast interstellar skies. Using your tool of choice, reach into space and yank out a section of it for yourself.

Bring home a hold full of ore, or canisters of gas. The true low-hanging fruit in Eve is always available here.

There is no better accomplishment than satisfying your craving for destruction.

Whether the targets in your crosshairs are Sleepers, floating haphazardly through the endless void of Anokis, or capsuleers entranced by their riches, either are worthy of annihilation.

Weave does not focus nor specialize in destructionórather we excel in it as a byproduct of our existence. Experience it for yourself.

Throughout history, man has fashioned transportation, tools and cities.

Your opportunity to create all these things is yours to realize in Weave, developing the transportation for us to pioneer the next adventure, the tools we need to assist in our day-to-day tasks and the cities for us to reside in.

Engorge yourself on benefits issued to you by the most decadent services available. This industrial overture cannot be possible without your direction.

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